Our web catalog is currently under revision, below is a list of SSS products available from to your local Triple S distributor. For pricing and availability, please contact your distributor. MSDS's for SSS products are also available on our MSDS page.You may also contact our office for more information.


Hard Floor Care: Cleaners, Multi-Speed Floor Finish, Restorer, Sealer & Undercoat, Spray Buff, Stone Floors, Stripper, UHS Floor Finish

Carpet Care: Anti-Static, Cleaning Pads, Extraction Cleaner, Prep & Spotters, Protector

General Cleaning Chemicals: All Purpose Cleaners, Bench Maintenance, Bowl Cleaners Disinfectant Cleaners, Drain Maintenance, Degreaser, Emergency Clean-Up Kit, Glass Cleaner, Insecticides, Liquid Enzymes, Mildew Remover, Non-Acid Cleaner & Disinfectant, Powdered Cleanser, Tile & Surface Cleaners, Vandal Mark Remover

Cleanworks Dilution Control System: Dispensers/ Chemicals - Multi-Purpose, Glass Cleaner, Restroom Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Disinfectants, Degreaser, Deodorizing, Carpet CareCarpet CareAnti-Static, Cleaning Pads, Extraction Cleaner, Prep & Spotters, ProtectorHard Floor Care: Cleaners, Multi-Speed Floor Finish, Restorer, Sealer & Undercoat, Spray Buff, Stone Floors, Stripper, UHS Floor Finish

Mops & Mopping Equipment

Wet Mops: Looped End Mops, Cut End Mops, Blend, Antimicrobial Wet Mops

Dust Mops : Antimicrobial Dust Mops, Looped End, Disposable, Synthetic Specialty - Wedge Mops / Mop Handles, Dust Mop Frames

Mopping Equipment: Buckets, Wringers, Combo Packs, Unibody Mopping Systems, Caution Signs

Hand & Skin Care Systems

Bag-in-Box Systems: 500 ml, 800 ml, 1000 ml, 1250 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml, New Step-UP Systems

Bulk Soaps: Liquid Soap, Powdered Soap, Counter- Mounted Soap Dispensers, GOJO Brand: DermaPro, d-Limonene, Freeze Dried, Medicated, Provon, Purell, Waterless

Towels & Tissues

Folded Towels, Rolled Towels, Kitchen Roll Towels, Facial Tissue, Toilet Tissue

Restroom Fixtures

Paper Towel Dispensers, Tissue Dispensers, Sanitary Napkin Receptacles, Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Dispensers

Floor Maintenance Equipment

175 RPM Floor Machines, 1500 RPM Floor Machine, Wet/Dry Vacs, Vacuums, ProTwin Upright, Large Area Vacuum, Manual Sweepers, Automatic Scrubbers, Huskee PowerRoter Sweeper

Floor Pads, Utility Pads & Abrasives

Floor Pads: Stripping, Green Scrubbing, Blue Cleaning, Red Spray Buffing, Polishing, UHS, Polythermal, Natural, Stripping Boots

Hand Pads - light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, pot'n pan, walnut, utility pads & holders

Sand Screens - 60 grit, 80 grit, 100 grit, 120 grit

Odor Management

CommandAir Aerosol System, PrimeAir Pump System, SensAir Gel System, Merlin AutoDrip System, Automatic Flush Units/ Odor Counteractants: Liquid, Granular, Powder, Enzyme, Gels, Deodorant Blocks & Screens, Automatic Flush Units

Waste Receptacles & Can Liners

Huskee Round Containers, Square Containers, Hooded Containers, Wastebaskets, Tool Caddies, Can Liners: Low Density - Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy/ High Density - Flat Pack, Coreless

Cleaning & Maintenance Tools

Lambswool Applicators, Pails, Siphons, Pumps, Plungers, Squeegees, Tool Caddies, Sponges, Pressurized Sprayers, Spray Misters & Spray Bottles, Dust Pans

Brooms: Natural, Blend / Push Brooms - Fine Sweeping, Medium Sweeping, Heavy Sweeping, Street Sweeping,


Disposable, Exam, Latex, Neoprene, Nitrile

Mats & Matting

V-Mat Scraper Mat, Walk-Off Scraper Mat, Starline Entrance Mat

Cleaning Carts and Material Handling

Lodging Carts, Tilt Trucks



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