Your Team with the Solutions to Your Cleaning Challenges

Triple S is a member-owned organization of independent facility maintenance distributors in the sanitary supply channel. We provide national purchasing programs, supply chain logistics, and marketing programs to our Member-Dealers so they can provide the lowest total cost solutions to their customers. Triple S Member-Dealers understand the problems today’s facility managers face: lower budgets, higher costs, employee turnover, cross-contamination, achieving sustainability goals, facility occupant and patron health and safety.

Our goal is to:

  • Reduce your risk

  • Improve your learning or facility environment

  • Lower your cost to clean

  • Improve the productivity of your cleaning staff’s operations

Our Member-Dealers pride themselves on providing the local touch necessary to delivery excellent customer care with the backing of a national company. Some of the services you can expect from your local Triple S Member-Dealer are: 

  • Product solutions with standardized procedures

  • On-site training

  • Facility site surveys

  • Workloading/labor analysis

  • Return on investment analysis

  • Sustainability program development

Triple S Member-Dealers serve a broad range of markets including: education, healthcare, building service contractors, general industry, local, state, and federal government. To contact your local Triple S Member-Dealer please visit our Distributors Location page, or call 800-323-2251.


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